Humble Bee- Nurse Sling

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The nursing pillow that gives mom freedom and needed support. Comfortably worn around the shoulder, Nurse-sling brings the baby closer to mom’s breast so mom can relax her arm and sit in a more upright posture. Its compact size and portability make the transition between home-nursing and on-the-go experience seamless. Easy to use in the car, on a plane, or train. It easily goes where you go! The Nurse-sling transforms into a sling bag once baby has moved on from nursing. Features and Benefits 1. Multi-use. It's a nursing pillow, and a carrying/sling bag. 2. Adjustable for all sizes. 3. Compact. 4. Easily packable with the travel bag. 5. 100% Machine washable. What’s Included: Travel bag Removable pillow insert