About Us


My name is Kaydee Waren, and I am the owner of Dreidel. home + sundry.

Dreidel was first launched in April of 2018 by the original owner Jordan Johnson. In June of 2019 I took over ownership.

My goal with Dreidel is to make each customer happy by offering a well curated selection of home accents + baby apparel + gifts. 

We have some very simplistic items but also items that will spike your curiosity.


As of the beginning of 2024, I am thrilled to announce that we now carry over 15 amazing local brands in our store. We also have incredibly talented seasonal pop-up shops that showcase handmade products, delicious sweets, beautiful flowers, and so much more!

Come and explore the wonderful offerings at our store.

Whether you prefer shopping in person or online, we've got you covered. I hope you find the perfect gift you're looking for, no matter how you choose to shop with us.