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KJV Kids’- Bedtime Devotional Bible

KJV Kids’- Bedtime Devotional Bible

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The Bible stories catch their attention. The devotional thoughts make them think. The colorful pictures keep it all fun! Biblical stories and their important lessons become more memorable than ever in The KJV Kids’ Bedtime Devotional Bible! Created especially for 3–8-year-olds, this book features the beloved and time-tested King James Version of scripture, enhanced with nearly 100 colorful images. Fresh, contemporary pictures highlight creation Noah and the ark Moses the walls of Jericho the good Samaritan Jesus as the good shepherd and dozens of other stories while brief, age-appropriate devotional thoughts provide potentially life-changing takeaways for young hearts. Full-color images are accompanied by bright highlights on each page of Bible text. It’s all presented in a sturdy hardcover binding that makes The KJV Kids’ Bedtime Devotional Bible a winner for early- and pre-readers.

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