GOODONYA Electrolytes + Minerals

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We all need ELECTROLYTES + MINERAL  and our bodies do not make them. Just like vitamins, minerals help our bodies develop and grow, as well as about a billion other things. Since our bodies do not make them, we need to get them from our diet. They come from nature: the soil, our food, great spring water, and natural salt. But commercial/GMO farming has stripped the natural minerals from our soil. And bottled, purified, reverse osmosis water filters out natural minerals.
The Majority of people go through their daily lives dehydrated. Even being a little dehydrated can result in things like brain fog, lethargy, and constipation. Why does this happen? Drinking plain water is boring. And water most people are drinking is filtered/ RO tap/ purified water which is void of minerals. Water void of minerals can actually flush out the electrolytes making hydration systems worse. The key to staying hydrated daily is consistent habit of consuming natural levels of minerals and electrolytes IN your water.
  • Only 1g sugar per serving
  • Just 6 ingredients made by nature
  • Tastes like light lemonade
  • Certified Organic